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A Little About Courtney

Starting my own dog walking and pet sitting service has been a long time coming for me.

I’m overjoyed to finally be able to get started! I look forward to offering loving, personal care to all those who choose Dogs Walk Plus. Thank you for trusting me with your best friend!

Courtney Flowers

Owner &
Pet Sitter

I’m a military (Go Navy!) brat, born in Jacksonville, FL (Duuuval), raised in Kanagawa, Japan (unfortunately, I do not speak fluent Japanese. I promise my pet care skills are much better than my language skills.)

I attended the University of Central Florida (UCF Knights for Life!) where I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising & Public Relations. I worked in the advertising industry after graduation before relocating to beautiful Oxnard, CA.

After several years trying to find that ever elusive job that satisfies the “you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do” criteria, I finally got honest with myself. After experiencing various work environments, I can confidently say I enjoy pet sitting and dog walking most of all.

I grew up with the sweetest chow chow couple, Prince and Misty, and currently we have a chocolate lab named Gumbo and a Siberian cat named Kira (yes, after the character, Light, from Death Note).

Let’s meet today so your pet can stay where they’re most comfortable while you’re away!


Audrey Lopez

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Audrey is an Oxnard native and currently resides in Ventura with her puppy, Putter. 

She has more than 5 years of professional dog walking and pet sitting experience and brings a calm, caring yet disciplined demeanor to the DWP team. 

She is currently studying at Ventura College in the Veterinarian Technician field.

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